Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Moving right along...

Goodness, we need to update this thing! Things have been going well-- just trudging through the house repairs. We are officially down to four rooms left to renovate: both bathrooms, the kitchen and the utility room.

Here is the front living room's before shot:

And the after:

We really, really like the way it turned out, and we finally got to cover up that horrendous red accent wall!

The back living room is still in progress, but it's unbelievably different. Before:

And kind of after:

The photo's a bit burry and there's obviously still some work to do, but we are really pleased with it so far.

We are going to start work on the kitchen soon-- we finally saved up the cash to get it all done! Very exciting. I hope to post a bit more on here shortly, but we can't make any promises... the whole blog thing is pretty difficult when you spend all of your spare time doing the things you're supposed to write about.