Friday, May 23, 2008

It's been nearly two weeks since I graduated. Here's an update:

1. I have been reading about as much as possible. I'm 2 1/2 books down, 2 on the list. I can't believe that I went so long without reading during college. Homework is the mother of all excuses to avoid things.

2. I've plugged it before, but Mint is amazing. Here is a breakdown of our spending from the last 6 months!

Things to note:

We are kicking our loans' butts. We eat out too much. We don't give enough. Our cars are great. I need to categorize $242 in spending. I'm considering adopting the envelope budgeting system to keep Natalie and I from driving each other crazy (we have very, very different spending habits).

3. Natalie and I are moving to Carrollton. If you are from Denton, you should come visit. We love Denton and everybody in Denton and you will be sorely missed. The last three years have been amazing and I wouldn't take them back for anything. :)

4. I read something interesting the other day... We need to be sure our churches are preaching about sin. Many churches avoid the topic to keep people happy, but paradoxically, only when we understand our true place with God (unable to boast... sinners) can we actually experience true joy. So all of this beating around the bush ultimately has no purpose.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Sleepy Graham says Funny Things

So this morning right before I was about to leave, I went to go tell Graham "Bye." Now, I do this every morning at 6:20 or so. He is still sound asleep and I will wake him a bit to tell him, "Bye." Sometimes, I am cruel and ask him a bunch of questions and talk to him, but most of the time I will just lay down with him for a bit before I go. Well, this morning I thought I'd start talking to him as soon as I went in there and asking him questions. I usually know the outcome of this - he will not remember anything about our conversation and/or he will say something that makes no sense and makes me laugh a lot. I always hope for the second.

Since we are moving this weekend, I have moving things on my mind and I start talk to him about getting newspaper today so we can wrap and pack the dishes (and if you have any newspaper, we would like to take it). We are also selling our twin bed to one of Monica's roommates. So, I tell Graham he needs to make sure to message Monica to tell her roommate to come get this bed. So he mumbles something and I ask, "So you already took care of it?" He replies, "Yes, you want to see the messages, they are right here." He kind of moves his arms a bit - to me, it is in a mocking manner. Now, I think he is pulling my leg because I am bothering him and it is his way of telling me to go away. No, he opens his eyes slightly (which is a huge deal for a sleeping Graham since he hates light in the morning). Then he kind of looks around and says, "Except I don't have my computer." Apparently, his computer was on his lap in his head and he already had Facebook open with the messages being displayed.

He is so patient with me to let me do this to him on a daily basis. (Thanks, Graham) Things like this make me happy and my day.

This is almost as good as Graham telling me "Thank you for the cake" that didn't exist. ;)

Monday, May 12, 2008

What the crap is a mass flow sensor?

I graduated officially on Saturday. It was a really long ceremony, especially since they decided make me go third... out of everybody. I'm not big on ceremonies, anyway. My wedding was neat, but after the wedding is a bigger deal to me because it takes up my whole life. :)

My car broke down on Saturday afternoon. I just got a call back from the mechanic and the repairs are only $42! Turns out, my mass flow sensor was all clogged up. Pictures of our event to follow... I am an awesome photojournalist.

If you're looking for an honest mechanic in Denton, check out Tommy's Hi Tech Auto on Ft. Worth Dr. They could have ripped me off multiple times now, but the repairs have always been a reasonable cost.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hopefully I will post...

So Graham really wanted a blog and I said, "Okay, but I suck at posting in blogs." I bet he posts a lot more than I do, but I will try. I think I don't like to post because I never know what to say and I am never satisfied with my words. So I thought I'd just post a little, "Hello," and possibly think about posting more later. The reason I say I will do it later is because (1) that's what I always say, (2) I don't know what to say, (3) I have to clock back in in about five minutes, and (4) my life and thoughts are not really that exciting. Really, they aren't. Haha.

And out of curiousity, I checked my last post on Xanga and it was Novemeber 15, 2006. It has been a long time.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I finished college this morning. Like... it's all over (and I did it in four years! Woohoo!) Here are some thoughts:

1. Natalie and I will be millionaires by the time I am 30. (That's 9 more years, for those of you counting)

I am really getting into personal finance. I picked up one of Dave Ramsey's books, the Total Money Makeover, this evening (since I don't have anything to study for...) and I'm going through his plans. It all makes perfect sense, and Natalie and I actually follow most of what he says already.

We currently have a net worth of about -$1000 ($14,000 liquid funds, $15,000 in student loans), so we have a ways to go.

Growing up, my parents were in debt. My mom decided to always mention what she was looking at, and what their financial situation was ("My retirement money went way up this week! Look!"). My dad wasn't so sure about keeping us in the loop about their finances. He didn't want us to have to think about it or worry about it. Looking back, it's one of the things my parents taught me for which I'm most thankful. I know to avoid credit card debt, I know to live cheaply. Natalie was just born cheap and a saver, so I don't have to worry about her. :)

Being a millionaire isn't about having nice things or making lots of money. I don't want to pursue it for money's sake. It's a challenge, it's a commitment and it's a responsibility. I don't consider myself one to turn those things down. Better yet, if you have more, you can give more. Plus, I can teach other people about money when I learn enough about it!

Also, I'm considering paying 100% down for a house... I'll have to talk to Natalie about this one first.

Also also, check out the blog Get Rich Slowly. Good stuff.

Also also also, check out Mint. The only disadvantage is tracking usage of cash.

2. I can't WAIT to start reading again.

I forgot how much I enjoyed reading. I've kind of forgotten about it for the past four years because of all of the required, assigned reading in my classes. I finished my last test about 18 hours ago and I'm already 106 pages into a new book. I love learning what I want to learn.

3. 5 years ago I began questioning a lot about wants vs. needs.

I am going to reconsider what kind of things I am wanting (a 24" iMac... so sweet) vs. what I need. I don't need an iMac... but I wannnnnnt it. Maybe I could settle on the 20"er... or just my current PC. I am cursed-- I can never justify getting a new computer because I know how to fix all of their problems.

I want a scooter. It makes financial sense (gas at $3.50 and all) and it's really fun... but there's the initial investment.

4. College is over. So now what? Suggestions are welcome-- I don't have any homework to do!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


After a 3 year hiatus from Xanga, Natalie and I decided that we would start a blog, if for nothing else than to keep everybody updated on our lives in Carrollton/Dallas.

We plan on general butt-kicking, so keep an eye out here!