Monday, May 12, 2008

What the crap is a mass flow sensor?

I graduated officially on Saturday. It was a really long ceremony, especially since they decided make me go third... out of everybody. I'm not big on ceremonies, anyway. My wedding was neat, but after the wedding is a bigger deal to me because it takes up my whole life. :)

My car broke down on Saturday afternoon. I just got a call back from the mechanic and the repairs are only $42! Turns out, my mass flow sensor was all clogged up. Pictures of our event to follow... I am an awesome photojournalist.

If you're looking for an honest mechanic in Denton, check out Tommy's Hi Tech Auto on Ft. Worth Dr. They could have ripped me off multiple times now, but the repairs have always been a reasonable cost.


Benj said...

Good to hear it wasn't anything major with your car.

The House of Hurt said...

Glad I got to see you graduate, Graham! And Natalie, that was me down there in the green robe. I was a student marshall, haha. (sorry I couldn't text you back - not in our phone plan)