Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Sleepy Graham says Funny Things

So this morning right before I was about to leave, I went to go tell Graham "Bye." Now, I do this every morning at 6:20 or so. He is still sound asleep and I will wake him a bit to tell him, "Bye." Sometimes, I am cruel and ask him a bunch of questions and talk to him, but most of the time I will just lay down with him for a bit before I go. Well, this morning I thought I'd start talking to him as soon as I went in there and asking him questions. I usually know the outcome of this - he will not remember anything about our conversation and/or he will say something that makes no sense and makes me laugh a lot. I always hope for the second.

Since we are moving this weekend, I have moving things on my mind and I start talk to him about getting newspaper today so we can wrap and pack the dishes (and if you have any newspaper, we would like to take it). We are also selling our twin bed to one of Monica's roommates. So, I tell Graham he needs to make sure to message Monica to tell her roommate to come get this bed. So he mumbles something and I ask, "So you already took care of it?" He replies, "Yes, you want to see the messages, they are right here." He kind of moves his arms a bit - to me, it is in a mocking manner. Now, I think he is pulling my leg because I am bothering him and it is his way of telling me to go away. No, he opens his eyes slightly (which is a huge deal for a sleeping Graham since he hates light in the morning). Then he kind of looks around and says, "Except I don't have my computer." Apparently, his computer was on his lap in his head and he already had Facebook open with the messages being displayed.

He is so patient with me to let me do this to him on a daily basis. (Thanks, Graham) Things like this make me happy and my day.

This is almost as good as Graham telling me "Thank you for the cake" that didn't exist. ;)


Anonymous said...

it's funny how you see this other side of graham than we ever did growing up. we usually would just punch and fight one another in the morning to maintain our personal space...we never liked the morninggggg.

good entry. write more! :)

Dave Furman said...

Graham, you would be very happy to hear that we are visiting one of the filming sites for Dumb and Dumber this weekend after we are done with training!

The House of Hurt said...

I do the same to Bryan! Most days he is still asleep when I am getting ready for work.

jared rey said...

jessica and i both do the same thing. we are even funny when we are really tired before bed. one time jessica was getting in bed and she hates wearing socks in bed, so she started taking them off and said "my feet feel like hot chickens"....totally random...she was so tired that she didn't really understand what she was saying....good times.