Friday, May 23, 2008

It's been nearly two weeks since I graduated. Here's an update:

1. I have been reading about as much as possible. I'm 2 1/2 books down, 2 on the list. I can't believe that I went so long without reading during college. Homework is the mother of all excuses to avoid things.

2. I've plugged it before, but Mint is amazing. Here is a breakdown of our spending from the last 6 months!

Things to note:

We are kicking our loans' butts. We eat out too much. We don't give enough. Our cars are great. I need to categorize $242 in spending. I'm considering adopting the envelope budgeting system to keep Natalie and I from driving each other crazy (we have very, very different spending habits).

3. Natalie and I are moving to Carrollton. If you are from Denton, you should come visit. We love Denton and everybody in Denton and you will be sorely missed. The last three years have been amazing and I wouldn't take them back for anything. :)

4. I read something interesting the other day... We need to be sure our churches are preaching about sin. Many churches avoid the topic to keep people happy, but paradoxically, only when we understand our true place with God (unable to boast... sinners) can we actually experience true joy. So all of this beating around the bush ultimately has no purpose.


The House of Hurt said...

1 - reading is great! I agree, homework puts a damper on things.
2 - Congrats on your financial adventures! Bryan and I are using - works well for us so far & we're excited to be able to get rid of debt and save money too.
3 - Sad that we never got to hang out with you guys. But, you say the word and we'll come to Carrollton and visit!
4 - I agree with what you read.
Have a great week, you two!

jared rey said...

it is time for a new blog entry guys.

Natalie said...
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