Thursday, March 19, 2009

My knee is going to fall off!!!

1. I use Google Reader-- it is great. Here are my shared items.

2. My body is going to fall apart soon, thanks to my company and Natalie's company-- well, maybe it's not their fault, per se, but who wants to admit they are aging? Here's the scoop:

My company recently moved into a new office. We got a whole bunch of furniture-- cubical style, so we had to build it all. Well, we ended up with some extra pieces and had to carry them back down the stairs (since our slumlord landlords never put in an elevator). So, here I am, carrying down this cubical wall, and I land funny on one of my legs. It didn't seem like a huge deal at the time, but ever since this happened, my knee has been popping almost constantly. Walk down steps? Pop, pop, pop, pop pop poppoppoppop (since I go faster the closer to the bottom I am). No pain, just pops. According to my expert self-diagnosis, I have a slightly torn ACL. I don't know if I buy that, but that's what WebMD says.

Natalie's company hosts an annual health screening where they take your weight, blood pressure, run blood tests, etc. Natalie convinced me to participate, and it wasn't so bad. Until I got the results!

BMI: 26.2 (overweight)
Systolic blood pressure: 135 (high)
Triglycerides: 191 (high!)
HDL cholesterol: 39 (low! bad!)
LDL cholesterol: 112 (high! bad!)
THS (Thyroid): 5.189 (high! bad!)
Red blood cell, hemoglobin (binds oxygen to red blood cells): both high.

So, apparently I'm going to die in a few days. I'm going to see the doctor tomorrow about the results and about my knee. :)

3. I am learning a lot about God's sovereignty and contentment-- and also reading some Dave Ramsey to Natalie out loud since she doesn't like him, but it's good for her. :) The house we were looking at fell through since the buyers didn't want to sell at our amazing lowball offer. We will likely sign a 4-month lease with our apartment complex and see how things go. From what I hear, interest rates are likely to fall more in the next few months so that puts us in good shape!

4. Natalie and I are a little bit internet famous because of our Save the Date (thanks, Justin!)... mailing? Here it is, in case you didn't go to our wedding:

So, there have been several blogs that just looooove us. Here, here, annnnd here. Anyway, some nice things were said on these things, so it's kind of fun to see give some inspiration for wedding ideas for people. Now pay up!!!


Justin Pocta said...


2. Haha, you're very calm about your coming death. Visit me sooner!! Wondering if all my eating out has you topped. Maybe I'll beat you to it! Visit SOONER!!

3. Bah, lame ol' hag!

4. did you see THIS?? it rubs me so wrong because they didn't change a thing! they copied the expressions even! come onnnn!

Benj said...

Graham: You need to start smoking. That is why I'm so healthy. Don't die.

Justin: Wow, that is such a poor attempt at stealing your idea. Bad. I really hope their marriage fails as a result. Well, maybe not fails, per se, but has some really rough patches where they realize it is all because of the "Save The Date" plagiarism.

kathryn_elise said...

Graham, this is not as insensitive as it may sound, but I cracked up laughing when you said you're going to die in a few days...

That being said, you CANNOT die anytime soon, because then I'll feel incredibly guilty for laughing, and you'll be in heaven feeling guilty for making me laugh.

On a side note, in case you do die in the next 68 years, could you help me out with my cpu fan??

PS Dave Ramsey sounds cool...going to Total Money Makeover next weekend...will let you know what I think later.

kt rahfino said...

I like to number too.
1) typo? "my need has been popping almost constantly."
2) I think it's the best save the date I've seen yet. I'd like to say I would do the same, but I'd be scared marker wouldn't come off.
3) I can't see the link Justin posted :(

Graham said...

Yes, typo. Thanks.

Justin Pocta said...

awww, they deleted it!! i didn't save a copy of their copy. what a shame. i think natalie scared them off.

Mary said...

I need a tutorial on Google Reader, AND on RSS feeds. AND I would like to know how I can know if someone replies after I leave a comment on these blogs, in case you are following up or answering a question. Which probably has something to do with RSS.
SOO cute save the date.
That health report (I'm almost an RN) does sound a little sketchy. Not super-ish, but yeah for someone your age. What did the doc say? Maybe you updated on another blog but I'm not there yet cause I'm catching up on all the blogs I follow in chronological order :)