Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bedroom/Study Renovation Update

If you are interested in learning how to fix up your house (or anything, really), you can't be afraid of breaking anything. Here is the last few weeks of my life in pictorial form.

Step one: Destroy everything.

Step two: Get your tools ready.

My very first electrical work. I'm so proud.

My first piece of drywall to hang. It was a ceiling piece and I was all alone. I pre-drilled the screws so I could hold the piece to the ceiling with my head.

It worked!

This door is the reason I got myself into this big mess.

Door gone!

Note the broken closet next door to the left. I guess I can't blame the previous owner for installing it. He was cheap and it was 1994, so of course he would buy this door. It is literally being torn apart. I am not pleased.

Trim gone!

Door frame gone, new wall framed out. I'm also quite proud of this part.

Hint: If you ever find yourself hanging drywall by yourself (or with somebody else, for that matter), you want to keep the drywall off of the floor and have a clean, small gap with the drywall above. Just get your pry bar and push the drywall up and fasten the piece. Simple enough, right?

 It's like the door was never there. Cool, right?

Some more progress inside the room.I waited as long as I could to avoid the outlet holes. But I found a tip to help with those measurements.

Step one: Get your favorite lipstick and apply it around the outlet box.

Step two: Align your drywall, give it a good punch over the outlet. Cut along lipstick marks.

Next steps: sanding the ceiling, taping/bedding, texturing, tearing out carpet (this is Natalie's doing. I've been begging to remove the carpet from day one but nooooooooo).

So there you have it. I am learning a ton about how houses go together, how to use my awesome power tools, and how much fun you can have in a room with no electricity.


Justin Pocta said...

ohhh, genius move keeping the drywall up with a pry bar. innovation, baby.

Leah@Storybook Ranch said...

my triceps ache at the thought of hanging drywall on the ceiling, alone. OUCH!

Looking good!