Saturday, December 12, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

A few weeks ago, Natalie gave us an ultimatum (Why? I don't know... but she did): finish all four bedrooms by Christmas. Well, we're not going to be anywhere near done, but we're still working like crazy people to try to get as much done as possible.

This includes:
  • getting our new Christmas tree cleaned off (it lived in a barn for a couple of years and mice made a nest in it)
  • finishing drywall work and texturing in the study
  • painting all four bedrooms
  • removing border wallpaper from 3 bedrooms
  • buying new carpet for all bedrooms
  • installing new baseboard and trim in all bedrooms.
So, here's what has become of our house in the meantime:

I think I was just looking for an excuse to throw the Benny Hill theme song onto our blog. That song makes anything more entertaining.


Natalie at Chadwell Chonicles said...

By a "few years," Graham means like 40. Haha. I am pretty sure there was a mouse city in that box and it was so very very stinky. It still doesn't smell "good," but I least I can only smell it if I walk up to the tree and put my face in it. Haha.

Justin Pocta said...

haha, you're ridiculous. i feel like you should have bopped natalie over the head with a mallet or something.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

I loved the video! You have to make another when you're finished with the renovations!!