Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our Life for the Past Month

1. We have been priming all of the bedroom walls and trim, and installing .75" reclaimed red oak strip wood flooring.

2. Here is the current cost outline for our entire back-of-the-house project (four bedrooms):
  • $500 for paint+primer+brushes+rollers+etc. (4 bedrooms, hallway, entry way)
  • $175 for 100 square feet of hardwoods
  • $15 for nails and staples for hardwoods
  • $38 to rent flooring stapler
  • $150 for drywall supplies/tools
  • $30 for sandpaper
That makes a grand total of $908. We've also spent a little here and there for various tools, but I will be using those for the rest of my life, so I won't include them.

3. Thank you to our friends Justin, Annie, Katy, Sarah, Anna, Mark, Crawford, Rachel, Chris, David and Bonnie for the help!

4. We did timelapse through the whole project. Surprisingly, you can't see my butt crack even once! I'm very proud.


Justin Pocta said...

ridiculous that it's that fast and 9 minutes long. this is awesommmme. and the floor looks so good!

Mick said...

Looks Great! Did you have the good fortune to have Level Floors?! Its gonna Look Great guys keep it up!

michelle said...

This is brilliant!

Natalie at Chadwell Chonicles said...

They were fine, which is a huge plus to having a peir and beam house. =) A few were a tad bit higher than the others, but all that will be fixed when we have the floors refinished. Yay! I am just so glad we no longer have the nasty, nasty carpet.