Thursday, March 4, 2010

Before and After

We got carpet installed today, which brings our 4 bedroom renovation project to a near close. Here are some befores and afters.

The Study:

This has been the most major change we've made in our house. We ripped out a hallway-facing closet and added the room to the study. Unfortunately, I don't have any good photos on me that show the progress neatly.

Walls have been yellowed, new carpet installed. It will be furnished by this weekend. Still left: replace light fixture with something less... pull-stringy.

The Master Bedroom:

We decided to remove the shelf/desk built-in right inside the door because it completely blocked the light switch. So we did.
 Much better.

 Before (note the lighter square in the carpet. That's where the previous owner's bed used to be. Gross):


 New carpet, new paint, new blinds. It's... just... *sniff*... so beautiful. We especially like the green/purple colors.

So, that's just a start the magical bedrooms. We'll work to get some better pictures together and give you a tour.


Justin Pocta said...

soooo niiiiice! i suppose i need to work hard on my bedroom to make it post-worthy.

Mick said...

Very nice! Very Nice! cant wait to see everythign all together with the wood floors in the hallway : ) Good job guys!

christina said...

nice wall color in the bedroom. looks almost identical to ours!

*°º¤♥-=|F®äñ|=-♥*°º¤ said...

Lovely site yours,Congrats!..and a нαρρу ωσмαи'ѕ dαу тσ αℓℓ нєяє =D

Martha Elaine Belden said...

love it! can't wait to see all the renovations in person :)