Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Kitchen Renovation

It took from March 7th to November 28th. We are tired!

So, from the beginning. We decided to do the demolition and contracting ourselves. After getting a general idea in our heads about what we wanted to do, we met with a kitchen designer for an hour and just confirmed that all of our ideas were correct, and she drew up a quick blueprint so we could get started.

Here's a quick lots-of-pictures post. 

The night before demo-day we cleared everything out of the kitchen.

Clearing out the appliances and cabinets only took a couple of hours. 

We found this credit card statement behind one of the cabinets. I hope they didn't forget to pay their bill...
Then began the dirty work. Thanks to our friend, Ben Russell, for helping out during this part.

Also included in the kitchen project was the laundry room.  We couldn't properly cook or wash clothes or dishes for about 3 months. Awesome! We knocked out a closet that opened to the garage and added the space to the laundry room.
After finding some rotted subfloor under the cabinets, we decided to replace all of the subfloors. We also got them 1/8" thinner so we could make the hardwoods in the adjoining rooms flush with the kitchen floor... how's that for detail?

We added insulation because everything fell on our faces during demolition.
We hired out the drywall work. I have crossed "doing drywall" from my bucket list.
This is after the cabinet install. The are amazing.

Here is what we call our "dog shower" in the laundry room. Good for: muddy feet, muddy dog feet, novelty sized dishes.
I was also able to cross "lay tile" from my bucket list. It turned out well. Will do again!

Here's the sink installed with our Dishmaster M2000. It dispenses soap and water from the brush from a reservoir under the sink! Really cool product.
One of the first projects we tackled when we moved in was replacing the flimsy hollow core wooden door to the garage with this metal one. Turns out, metal is magnetic! Perfect!
And here is the finished product:

Built-in hutch displaying Natalie's awesomely colorful Pyrex collection.

It looks amazing. To heck with modesty-- we did a great job!

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