Monday, September 1, 2008

Gnat Me to the Moon

Just a little story...

While waiting in line at the box office, I overheard the follow snippet of a conversation behind me:

Person 1: Fly Me to the Moon? Isn't that the movie about monkeys in space?
Person 2: No, that's Space Chimps. I think this one is about... I think gnats? I don't know.

It's about FLIES. Sheesh.

Person 1: What about Tropic Thunder?
Person 3 (in front of me, while searching through the showtimes): Chocolate Thunder? What's that?

A little silly, but it made me laugh.

Oh. We watched the Dark Knight. It was depressing. I don't like movies.


Justin Pocta said...

Gnats and flies are very similar. And they both fly. One shouldn't assume every movie title is a double entendre!

yeah, dark knight was pretty depressing. and least it felt that way because i expected different parts to be the end, and then they weren't.
it was well done, though.

Natalie said...

Justin - I left a comment on your didn't show up.

Justin Pocta said...

Ah, that was you. It was empty when I got it. I've had that problem before, too. Might be connected to the word verification or something...I will take a look at it.