Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Rules of Life

Here are some things I've learned.

1. If you work harder, you will get better. I applied this to college and graduated with honors. I have applied this to my profession for 10 years and have gotten (if I don't say so myself) pretty dang good, although I see tons and tons of room for improvement.

2. The faster you drive on the highway, the angrier you make yourself.

3. A lack of subject on a blog makes for boring reading and boring writing. Natalie and I rarely write on this because there is no thrust. I'd like to start having a little bit more of a focus on this blog. Inspiration for us is here... this blog is great and Natalie is getting a little obsessed with finding ways to decorate our home. Unfortunately, she's not allowed to start yet, because...

4. Paying interest sucks! Our mortgage payment each month is ~$1000. Most of that right now is going to interest. We only put 10% down on our house since we fell in love with it before we could scrape up a full 20%, so I am working on paying down the second mortgage we got to avoid PMI. We now have about 15% equity in our house and should be at 20% within the next two months.

5. Be honest and friendly to your customers and they will just love you. I really love my job because every day I get the chance to interact with about 25 businesses' staff and it is really a blast.

Couldn't sleep. :)

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Jenn said...

Natalie, I'll email you a bunch of decorating you want some craft ones too?