Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Saddest Day of My Life

I've spent the past few weeks searching for something at Walmart, Target, Kroger, at various shops online, researching the history of this product's design.

Tonight, all of my hard work has come to fruition: I found that for which I have been searching.

Why, you might ask, the sad post title? Because it's all been for a toothbrush. A crappy, out-dated, plain-old toothbrush. And I am just so excited about it.

See, our house was built in 1960, right at the peak of awesome ceramic fixtures-- including toothbrush holders. And just like the one-car garages that barely fit a mid-sized sedan, the builders of the day didn't anticipate the SUV-like growth of toothbrush handles. (An interesting side-note: There are six places to hold toothbrushes, which highlights significant societal difference from the present-day 4)

Lo,, which helpeth me taketh better care of my teeth and gums, and also offers this cute little guy on their front page:

So, I have ordered two different types of Ultra Slim Classic Toothbrushes in order to pay homage to 1960. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

I have looked everywhere for the Gum Classic toothbrush with the little rubber dealy on the handle to get between your teeth since my dentist gave me one several years ago. Thanks Graham for finding it. I do hope you have ordered the free brushing chart too.

Dana said...

Haha, YAYYY Graham! I, too have a built-in ceramic toothbrush holder in my new bathroom. But, my small Oral B brush fits just fine. I've always preferred petite aka used-to-be-normal brushes since my teeth are on the small side anyway.


50s Pam said...

Retro - hurray. But that said, you really should be using electric toothbrushes. Seriously. Take it from me, mistress of way too many dental sagas...