Friday, October 2, 2009

80's Drabulous to 50's Fabulous

It seems that the previous owner of our house went on a giant decorating spree in the spring of 1984. Shiny brass abounds and we're slowly fighting our way through it.

Step 1. Remove this ceiling fan.

Step 2. Install this beautiful chrome pull-down light fixture.

Step 2b. The diffuser (shade) has a small crack near the center. "Don't mess with it," says Natalie.

Step 3. Mess with it... crack said light fixture's diffuser. Notice the crack is nearly (okay, maybe not "nearly") in the shape of a glass frown.

Step 4. Install light sans diffuser.

Step 5. Order new diffuser (kudos to Retro Renovation for the shop's link). I think this one is actually closer to the size original diffuser. The first one didn't quite line up right in the fixture and I cracked it because I was trying to mess with it into looking right.

Step 6. Restore light and breakfast area to its original glory.

Things to note: lovely brick veneer in front of the pantry. Also, our neatly arranged tools on the built-in china cabinet. It's like an honest to goodness retail storefront in here!

Step 7. Pin the dog down and get some much deserved rest.

Bonus tip: always pay attention to Maeby when she's close to food.

And for those who are worried, the lime didn't kill her.


paperfingers said...

that light fixture looks like its ready for a party!


50s Pam said...

Woah, that really is retro-fabulous! I love it!

50s Pam said...

Also - I don't think it's real common to see these in chrome. I've never seen one, actually. Good find.