Friday, October 30, 2009

AMAZING SOUP ALERT! (a.k.a How to Destale Your Chips)

Natalie got a bit snazzy the other day and decided to make us some incredible Black Bean Tomato Soup. It is about 10 minutes of prep work and maybe an hour and a half total time before you could be enjoying it.

It was worth a whole blog post.

Looks great, right? Well, it immediately would have been enjoyed, but we ran into a problem after the soup was prepared. It was our poor tortilla chips! They have been lonely for a while and had become stale. Being a part of the Google Generation, I quickly searched up a solution, and present my findings for your benefit.


This is a complicated process, so I'll break it out for you from the start:

Step 1. Get your chips from the store.
Step 2. Make them stale using your favorite methods.
Step 3. Put a napkin on a plate.
Step 4. Put said chips on said napkin.
Step 5. Microwave on high for 30-45 second.
Step 6. Enjoy the sizzling sound when you take the out of the microwave.
Step 7. Eat chips, being careful not to break them into those little triangles that a) scrape down your throat or b) wedge themselves just right on your wisdom-tooth-holes and make you cry a little bit.

Seriously, these chips were so delicious. I now feel guilty for having thrown out so many chips in my life.

Expect more posts on the house in the near future-- life has been insane for the past couple of weeks, but we're possibly starting to catch up.


Michelle Hurt - The Cooking Life said...

What's the recipe? I'll have to try this! Looks delicious!

Graham at Chadwell Chronicles said...

The name of the soup in the post is a link to the recipe. :)