Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Estate Sale Finds Part III

I went to an estate to pick up a nesting bowl set I saw online, but came away with dishes instead.

Item: Universal Pottery Ballerina Style Plates, tea cups, saucers, creamer, sugar holder, etc.
Era: 1950's/1960's
Favorite part about it: These are just so darn cute!
Price: $25

I want to know what these plates are called! I want to complete the set. Graham and I have searched Google, Ebay, Etsy, and Craigslist and we can find NOTHING about this pattern. I do know the Ballerina is a style introduced by Universal Pottery in the 50s. I found some sets that have "names" and found another that does not. This is a set that does not have a "name."

From what I understand, Universal Pottery was founded in 1934 and closed its doors in 1955. They then changed their name and started manufacturing other items. One interesting thing I found out was that after they stopped producing dinner plates, Taylor Smith Taylor and a few other china companies began producing some of their patterns. I guess I found that interesting since I own an almost completed set of Taylor Smith Taylor plates from the 1950's. They were my grandmother's and I heart them.

From what I can tell, the only way to figure out what my Ballerina set pattern is called is to get my hands on this book:

No book stores around here have this book. No libraries either. I do not want to buy it. I just want to find the page with these plates on it. Am I allowed to buy it, do that, and return it? A little unethical, huh? *sigh* I'll probably end up buying it along with the Collector's Pyrex book I want.

Finally, I think this is just adorable since Graham says he doesn't like the dogs...


Note from Graham: Natalie asked me to proofread this post and I'd like to clarify that I did not, in fact, actually enjoy cuddling with the dogs. I'm just a good actor.


Jennifer said...

I have a set of 6 Ballernia plates that I found at a thrift store in Maryland. They are pale blue with a wispy floral motif. The shape is cool too--not quite square, with little notches in each of the corners. Didn't know anything about them till your post!

Natalie at Chadwell Chonicles said...

Do share! I'd like to see them. =) I think I might be a little enthralled with dishes and Pyrex type dishes from the 50s and 60s.

Abbie said...

Did you do a search at WorldCat for your local libraries? Or did you just search their catalogs? Sometimes books like this will be in reference and can't be checked out, but they will be available to view if you go to the library.

Leah@Storybook Ranch said...

I agree, those are so darn cute!

Victoria said...

I would love a working record player if you run across one, doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive or high end. I just need one that works, so I can play all my old records I've been buying from the public library!

dolores @ "Welcome to My Humble Ablog" said...

Good luck on your quest; the dishes are super cute! BTW, you sold me on the pyrex book. Must.have.

Natalie at Chadwell Chonicles said...

Yeah, I found the Pyrex book on another website when I was drooling over another blogger's pyrex collection.

And Abbie - what a wonderful idea! I didn't even think of that. I will run up to the Dallas Public Library sometime and see if it is there. I checked WorldCat and the closest library that actually had the book and will allow checkout is in Tulsa! That's not happening.

Anonymous said...

Oh Graham, you do go on.

Cara said...

Your entries always make me want to go, "Mmm." As in "mm, delicious." Like your grandmothers plates... Mmmmm ::drools:: I think those books would be worth adding to your collection. I'm glad y'all are having such a great time finding neat stuff for your lovely home.

Junque Procurer said...

Did you go on the discussion board on ebay? they ususally can identify any pottery/china/glass in the world.
By the way, did you get Graham at an estate sale? I'd like to find one for my single daughter.