Monday, September 14, 2009

Chadwell Chronicles!!!!

Natalie and I just bought a domain name.

Feel free to update your bookmarks and blogrolls, although the old address will continue to work. Things will look a little different as I have time to fix stuff up. In the meantime, enjoy some of our recent estate sale finds!

1. Item: Markwell "RU60" Tack-Master
Era: Mid 1940's.
Favorite part about it: The tagline (may be hard to see in the picture): "It's Trigger Fast"
Price: $1

This thing is going to be at my estate sale.
2. Item: Bird... jars?
Era: 1960s-70s.
Favorite part about it: Awww, those cute little birds!
Price: $5 for the set.
Item: Owl figurines.
Era: Unknown.
Favorite part about it: The loving nickname we've given them: The Turd Birds.
Price: $1 for the set
Item: Corningware Spice O' Life set
Era: 1972 - 1987
Favorite part about it: Uh, hello? Most useful dish set ever created.
Price: $30 for the set.
Item: Owl Figurines. (Again!?!? Come on Natalie!)
Era: Midcentury... what can I say? They loved owls back then...
Favorite part about it: They are just so cute I want to pick them up, poke their eyes and pull their wings off!!!!! Lil guys...
Price: $5 for the set.


Justin Pocta said...

domain's working! wooo! congratulations, you're now professionals.

Cara said...

Excellent aquisitions. We should go to an estate sale together sometime. I could use some more birds and/or giant, scary staplers.

Jenn said...

LOVE the owls and bird containers!

Anonymous said...

The "Bird jars" are egg coddlers, used to make soft boiling eggs without a shell. You crack the egg into the jar, put on the lid and drop the whole thing into boiling water.