Saturday, September 26, 2009

Porcelain Towel Rack Bars

Sometimes it's scary buying something online without a good picture and description. I decided to take a $21 plunge and purchased 3 replacement towel rack bars.

So let's start with the good picture.


Now onto the helpful description:

  • 24" replacement towel bar (Good to know. That will fit!)
  • 24" (Thanks again!!!)
  • Bar only (A comment on the product page said this is a lie, so I didn't order the extra spring endcaps. I guess technology wasn't available to have detachable towel racks back then, so they just slapped some glue on the tile and stuck 'em on there, never to be adjusted.)
  • Available in white and clear (BUT WHAT COLOR IS THIS ONE!?!?)
  • White (Oh, phew...)
Our previous wooden bars were moldy, thanks to our previous owner's weird homemade tile shelf contraption hanging over the towel rack (should have taken picture). We (well, I-- Natalie didn't know what was going on until the smashing started) decided to smash them out with a hammer. In hindsight, I probably should have used a hacksaw. I'm only now starting to realize how hard it is to find replacement ANYTHING in a house more than 10 years old, and I was definitely not being careful enough around our beautiful 1960 light brown 4" bath tiles.



Hint: There is no such thing as a tool too big or advanced for any job:

The finished product:

I never realized how handy having a towel rack is, and I've never realized how incredibly off center our towel rack is until I looked at this picture. WOW.

Things to learn from my experience:
  • Amazon is great to buy just about anything (you should read about their logo here)
  • If you're in need of a replacement towel rack, this is the way to go.
  • If you own a house, you need at least 1 saw. I will leave you with the awesome function, which is linear as shown by the chart below.


"Welcome to My Humble Ablog" said...

I have the same bathroom tiles and also inherited two moldy wooden towel racks. I wouldn't be surprised if we had the same previous homeowners.

Great blog.

Leah@Storybook Ranch said...

Great job! I removed our very gross, chrome towel rack a few years ago & we've been stuck with 4 (in your face, at eye level)obnoxius holes in the tile.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

My contractor actually talked me out of putting a towel rack into my shower (because of the mold), but I think they're so useful too! Oh well, I'll just have to go with a wall mount.

Kb_Mal said...

I found your blog because I was looking for towel bar replacements. I'm glad you had a good experience with your bar (hopefully ours will arrive in the next two days).

I was thinking - someone would make a LOT of money if they made custom length CERAMIC replacement towel bars. There are none available (that I could see) and I would pay $50/each for something better than plastic.

Anyway, you have a great blog!

Katy at...