Thursday, September 24, 2009

Estate Sale Finds Part II (a.k.a. my battle with the toothbrush industry)

As you all may know, I have a slight obsession with finding the perfect toothbrush for our 1960 oringal ceramic toothbrush holder. I've explained before: modern toothbrush designers have been on crack since about 1992. I think it started with Mr. Reach in the early 90's with his cute commercials talking about how awesome a toothbrush with a bent handle was. Was it really that innovative? Couldn't we just, you know, tilt out wrists (provided that our wrists hadn't yet fattened up like toothbrush handles had)?

Well, I could go on for a while about this, but I will spare you because I have bad news, but also GREAT NEWS! If you read my post about how I thought I had found the perfect toothbrushes, readily available for order on, and you were really cheering for me on my quest (because, really, who isn't cheering me on about this?), then you'll be sorely disappointed to find out that the whole deal was a bust.

We got the toothbrushes fine and I received my toothbrushes in a very timely manner... the Toothbrush Express Train did a GREAT job! But the $&(%*@#$ toothbrush handles were still as fat as a... I don't know... butter milkshake.

So I had kind of lost hope.

But come Wednesday evening, I found my saving grace: an estate sale in Oak Cliff. Oak Cliff estate sales have turned out to be the best in all of the Dallas area because the neighborhood's hayday was in the 50's and 60's, so we've been able to see a lot of neat stuff in that area (and also buy some, but mostly see because we're also learning that people are VULTURES when it comes to this stuff... they smell death and start lining up at the door before these people are even pronounced).

I can tell I have you hanging on to my every word. This story has everything-- the dashing hero, the hero's dilemma, the toothbrushes, the dashing hero's dashing wife who's not particularly interested in his quest... so here it is!

Heck yeah! That's right! Your eyes don't deceive you! That's an unopened Pepsodent Twin Pack, Safeway Deluxe Gentle Toothbrush AND a G•U•M #111 Junior Toothbrush!! They're probably from the mid 80's since they have barcodes, so maybe it's not "vintage" enough for some people, but I think all of your qualms will be brushed aside when you see THIS!!!

Wait, wait, wait, no no no no no, this is going all wrong. Who decided this rubberized chocolate chip was a good idea to put at the end of a toothbrush? (Apparently nobody. The side of the toothbrush box says "CONSULT YOUR DENTIST ABOUT PROPER USE OF RUBBER TIP. REMOVE TIP IF NOT RECOMMENDED." I suppose they wanted to be able to say "Should've talked to your dentist, suckahhh!" if somebody stabbed themselves.)

In the name of safety, I ripped off  the dangerous protrusion ANDNOWLOOKATTHISSSS!!!

Oh my goodness! How great is that!?!? It fits! I've spent the last few hours dancing and singing at the sink. Notice that Natalie refused my offer to use one of my new toothbrushes, and she's been saying something about me getting cavities or somesuch. I don't know where her priorities lie anymore... just unbelievable. She sure does look silly with her lanky toothbrush all awkwardly hanging out in the back of the photo.

Anyway, to stay loyal to the format of previous posts:

Item(s): Toothbrushes
Era: 1980's
Favorite part about them: They FIT!!!
Price: $2

And to wrap things up... at this same estate sale, I bought a circular saw.

Item: Skilsaw Model 537
Era: 1960's (so says Popular Mechanics... can't find any other mention of it elsewhere)
Favorite part about it: Will be used for stud cutting in the bedroom #3 remodeling project.
Price: $25

Nothing too fancy about it, but just a hint for anybody looking to build a collection of tools: Buy used! I can't believe how much money you can save by buying tools that somebody probably only used a few times anyway.

And if you happen to know where I could buy more toothbrushes, know that I will be looking again in about 9 months when my supply runs dry... I guess I shouldn't be that excited-- I hadn't thought of running out until just now.

But let me have my moment. ... There.

Thank you.


Natalie said...

You forgot my Pyrex dishes, which were the best purchase at that estate sale!

P.S. The toothbrushes and the saw were at a sale in North Dallas.

P.S.S. No sales for awhile after this weekend. We gotta save money for carpet!

50s Pam said...

Very amusing, and yes, you dashing couple, you had me hanging on every word.

I continue to underscore, however: USE AN ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH.

You like your $$$, I can see. (And I am very proud and supportive of that, I assure you.) I am older than you. I can tell you from experience: Use an electric toothbrush, and floss, and you will save THOUSANDS in your lifetime.

Plus - how often do you really think you will find MIB toothbrushes at estate sales. Just use those vintage toothbrushes -- for show. :)

Bethany said...


Yes, I am living in Germany now. Also still feeling that "wow this is really happening" factor. If you'd like to follow along, I have a blog about it:

Also, I haven't said anything up until this point, but have been quietly enjoying your estate sale adventures. And I would have to agree with you, Natalie...the Pyrex is the best part!! I love that stuff. May I see pictures, please? :-)

Monica said...

HA HA I love the old toothbrushes, now I am going to have to look for them at Estate sales

Danielle and Clint said...

OMG! I have the same problem! I have one of these lovely tooth brush holders in my bathroom and I can never find any to fit in it! So I use it told my eye glasses. lol

Anonymous said...

I just bought a Skilsaw 537 for a mere $10 and there is very little information about it online. I am very surprised! It seems to be running well though, hopefully for another 70 years!

Anonymous said...
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