Sunday, September 20, 2009

Estate Sale Finds Part I

Although we've already highlighted a few of our purchases from estate sales, I'll go ahead now and make it an official feature so I don't have to think of a title every time we find something cool.
This week we stopped by an estate sale in north Mesquite. I try not to visit estate sales until the last day when everything is at least half off. Today was half off then another 20% off (making it 60% off the original price). Woohoo!

Item: Toastmaster 1B14
Era: 1947-1961
Favorite part: One of the most famous toasters of all time--  it was the featured item in a very popular screensaver in the early 1990's.
Price: $4.40 (original price for the new toaster in 1947 was $23.50-- adjusted for inflation to today would be $227.45!)

Item: Sears Kenmore Desk Fan Model 537.80800
Era: Unknown-- patent was pending at time of release. 1940-50 seems likely as there's no plastic and the thing weighs about 10 pounds.
Favorite part: This thing is SOLID.
Price: $15.60

I'd be interested to find out some more about this fan but it doesn't seem likely to be able to find out anything else.

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Cara said...

Mmm, toaster love.